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555 Bryant Street, #369
Palo Alto, CA  94301

(650) 795-0100    Main number with auto-attendant
(650) 795-0101    Sales and information
(650) 795-0199    Technical Support
(650) 795-0110    Fax

Personalized Service Tuned to Your Business & Systems

expert support to handle issues from simple to complex

Network Focus provides outsourced IT services for small and medium sized businesses located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We also service remote network sites after appropriate hardware and software are installed to allow us to maintain our high quality of service.

We design, install, and support secure computer networks, with special expertise in security, compliance, mobile access, and wide area networks between offices.

We operate an advanced network management system that monitors our customers’ networks around the clock and alerts trained personnel for quick resolution in the event of any service interruption.
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Quick 24/7 Service

We will respond by phone or email typically within minutes, not hours or days, and we have immediate online access to assist you. We are on call evenings and weekends for emergencies.
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Experienced Professionals

Our staff has an average of more than 20 years of industry experience, with technical proficiency in all areas. We have worked together as a team for over eighteen years.
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We have upgraded our remote tools to allow us to manage compliance at a more affordable cost. We analyze network devices to achieve auditable network compliance across industry-specific compliance policies.
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Strategic Outlook

We stay involved in IT strategic plans, application planning, and computer migration strategies. We are proficient at understanding executive needs and translating them to technology solutions.
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…very quick to respond and ready to
save the day for us!

David H., San Jose


Feel like Information Highway road kill?

We’re here to work with you to foster long term relationships and successful technical strategies.

We are an outside firm who works with the intimacy and communication of employees.

We focus on minimizing disruptions and downtime, improving systems redundancy, and maximizing performance.

We keep our customers up to date with current technology, and we protect them from evolving Internet threats and attacks.

What is Our Track Record?

The skills of our team at your disposal.

We resolve more than 80% of issues within 15 minutes.

We have managed dozens of networks with over 1,000 users for over 20 years, with no known security breaches.


We have worked together as a team for over twenty years.

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